Aliante Carbon Sculling Rigger

The Aliante is our new sculling carbon wing rigger. Operating in compression, the Aliante is a good compromise between the standard 3 or 4 tube aluminium rigger and the single-carbon tube generation. Positioned towards the stern behind the sculler, the rigger is shaped in such a way as to resist loads of 30% more than the previous model at the same level of deformation. In this way deformation on the plane caused by the rower’s stroke is practically nil. The absence of a backstay might lead some to think that the rigger will bend vertically. This is not the case since the direction of the rigger absorbs the vertical load component. To obtain this performance the rigger has been shaped to present a maximum section in every direction and so ensure maximum resistance. The Aliante uses a similar adjustment system to the carbon single-tube rigger, with the addition, however, that span can be adjusted with a simple 3-bolt system. The all-carbon “C” bracket is also similar to the one mounted on the carbon single-tube, with the same wide pitch adjustment possibilities. Forward pitch adjustment is the same as the classic wing rigger allowing +2, +4, and +6 extensions from the centre line. Height can be raised by more than 2 cm by placing shims under the attachment point on the gunwale.

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