Sweep Carbon Wing Rigger

This new wing rigger differs from its aluminium counterpart for the remarkable range of technical solutions it offers, from the use of stratified aerospace material through to the new pitch regulation system developed in our laboratory. Our technical and commercial people collaborated on the development of this new rigger that has met with success on every front.

Settings can be adjusted to meet your particular crew’s requirements. The major features of the sweep carbon wing rigger are as follows:

• 100% carbon structure manufactured using stratification technology to optimise stiffness compared to the aluminium wing rigger;

• Symmetrical geometry, which enables the rigger to be used on either side of the boat or changed over rapidly;

• A bolt fastening system that allows a wide range of spread adjustments;

• Like the aluminium wing rigger, forward pitch (towards the bow) can be adjusted by as much as 2 cm;

• Lateral pitch can be adjusted at will with the Pitch Infinity© regulating system.

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