Single Carbon Rigger

These carbon riggers for scull or sweep boats have been designed to provide peak performance in terms of energy transfer through the oars. Geometry, materials and balance have all been studied to allow athletes to get the most out of their physical strength. The truss-like configuration comprises two all-carbon tubular segments: one support tube lying parallel to the seat, and one set at an angle and operating under compression. A “C” bracket is fixed to the end of this compression segment by an all-carbon ball-joint. A pin in high-performance stainless steel inserted into the bracket is the pivot around which the oarlock swivels. The ball-joint allows precision regulation of outward – or lateral – pitch, which together with the regulation of rigger span, spread and height provides the broadest range of rigging possibilities. Rigger configuration has been designed so as to concentrate rower energy on the tube in compression where it is released to propel the boat forward. Carbon also eliminates the elastic energy accumulation that occurs with aluminium-rigger deformation. But what really sets our all carbon riggers apart from the competition is our innovative production system. Their appearance alone shows the difference. Our use of exclusively pre-impregnated materials and very high-pressure autoclaves gives our riggers mechanical properties that were unthinkable only a short time ago, putting our products in a different class to others on the market. The compacting of the materials under high pressure ensures much higher load transfer through the fibres. It also gives the tubular profiles virtually endless duration. Being able to reduce the percentage of resin compared to fibre, the rigger exhibits higher resistance and stiffness. We are justly proud of this achievement and have been rewarded with a string of victories by boats mounting this all-carbon single tubular rigger.

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